Hexagon cookie cutter with name - Personalized

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Our cookie cutters are made from PLA, biodegradable plastics derived from renewable resources such as cornstarch, with a 3D printer.

✓ Each item is made to order. We personally check them so that you are fully satisfied.

✓ dies can be of a different colour from the one in the photo, depending on the arrival of plastic. Only the color changes, cookie-cutter is exactly the same!

Maintenance tips:
-Your cookie cutter is made of biodegradable plastic, and does not go in the dishwasher and even less in the oven! Wash gently by hand, it will last so much longer.
-Do not store sunlight or excessive temperatures.

Data sheet

Largeur65 mm
Hauteur75 mm



havent used yet but looks good hopefully comes out cute :)


    Ravie de ma commande de plusieurs emporte-pieces pour des petites filles fan de patisserie. La taille de celui ci m'a surprise, cela fera de grands biscuits !
    Leur fabrication est parfaite et la livraison rapide.


      Questions would be answered ASAP!
      The cookie cutter was exactly as I asked, thanks again!

      Only too bad I could only use it once. After the first try I noticed that the cookie cutter was a little bit bend unfortunately.

      But I loved it nonetheless! :)


        Je suis vraiment déçue par cet emporte-pièce. Les coeurs ne s'impriment pas du tout dans la pâte (4 mm d 'épaisseur).
        Cet emporte-pièce ne correspond pas à l'utilisation que je voulais en faire.


          This is great. I had fun with this making personalized cookies for our clients who really loved them. Unique and easy inexpensive gift ( one cookie per client made a great impact for not much investment)

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            Hexagon cookie cutter with name - Personalized

            Hexagon cookie cutter with name - Personalized