Mermaid cookie cutter

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Our cookie cutters are made from PLA, biodegradable plastics derived from renewable resources such as cornstarch, with a 3D printer.

✓ Each item is made to order. We personally check them so that you are fully satisfied.

✓ dies can be of a different colour from the one in the photo, depending on the arrival of plastic. Only the color changes, cookie-cutter is exactly the same!

Maintenance tips:
-Your cookie cutter is made of biodegradable plastic, and does not go in the dishwasher and even less in the oven! Wash gently by hand, it will last so much longer.
-Do not store sunlight or excessive temperatures.

Data sheet

Largeur80 mm
Hauteur65 mm



Déçue - la queue est difficile à avoir

Les détails sont très jolies, mais difficiles à récupérer avec une pate sablée, même avec beaucoup de farine sur l'emporte pièce.

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    Mermaid cookie cutter

    Mermaid cookie cutter